Aerospace - GHESA Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A.
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“International aerospace development”



GHESA, through its stake in IberEspacio, is contributing to international aerospace development.


Founded in 1989, IberEspacio is a Spanish company, leader in the design and manufacturing of thermal and structural hardware for satellites. IberEspacio exports 98% of its production and has a client base in 17 countries. It successfully markets structural panels, heat pipes, loop heat pipes and thermal systems, while also offering engineering and technology development services.


IberEspacio is working with the main institutions and companies in the space sector, with 830 thermal control units already in orbit and another 1300 now being manufactured for delivery in the next three years.


IberEspacio’s products and systems have been used in numerous space missions, most notably: AMS-02, Galileo, AMOS-4, Jupiter 2, MTG, Intelsat 30 and 31, Jupiter 2, BRIsat, Small GEO, Intelsat 19, Intelsat 20, Star One C4, EDRS-A, Sentinel 1A, Sentinel 2A, Agile, Sentinel 2A, JWST, Cheops, SMOS, Hispasat 1E, Ingenio, Paz, ExoMars and CREW.